PistaHoney Café

Cafe and Arabic sweets


52 High St, London W3 6LE

Our countries have always been known since ancient times for the quality and mastery of assorted Arabic sweets industries, and these industries have been passed down through generations. The problem of presenting these Arabic sweets in one place and delivering them to our valued customers in the United kingdomes was the most difficult process to achieve. From here came the idea of ​​PistaHoney as a solution to the problem of linking the Middle East with Britain, by applying the latest means of technology, communication, logistical support, and delivery, so that while you are at home, you can get all the best sweets, Qishta and Konafa Arabic, Syrian and Middle Eastern, in addition to fresh Arabic sweets, nuts, and traditional drinks … etc, that you want and deliver these products quickly, safely, at the best prices, the finest types, and the fastest shipping methods, and with one click to buy the product from the source directly to your doorstep, wherever you are in the UK.


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